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Heated Huggie Buddy

Heated Blanket with Arm Holes

  • Soft Plush Fabric
  • Instantaneous Heating
  • Heated front panel

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Heated Huggie Buddy

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The warmth and comfort it brings makes the Heated Huggie Buddy your best winter companion!

Heated Huggie Buddy

When the weather is a little bit chilly, we adore staying indoors and relaxing. We love to cozy up covered by favorite blankets while we enjoy a cup of hot chocolate.

Those blankets also keep us warm while we catch up on our reading, or while we relax in front of the fireplace. Just imagine if our favorite blanket had arm holes and a heating system, wouldn't our down time be twice as relaxing and comfortable?

Introducing the Heated Huggie Buddy, a soft plush-fleece blanket with arm holes and built-in heating elements that provide constant warmth for cold days and nights. Take pleasure in a quiet time indoors and let the Heated Huggie Buddy take care of you.
  • Soft Plush Fabric
  • Instantaneous Heating
  • Heated front panel

Xtreme Comfort Technology Heating System

The heat produced by the Heated Huggie Buddy comes from stealth heating elements placed behind the front pocket.

It evenly distributes heat and provides constant heating for as long as you are plugged in to a AC/DC power source.

Resting has never been this hot and classy with the Heated Huggie Buddy!

Temperature Controller Included

Choose your level of comfort with the 4 different heat settings of the Temperature Controller that comes with every Heated Huggie Buddy.

Choose from Low, Med, High and Max to suit your ideal warmth with each use. It comes with a 30-minute built-in timer that automatically shuts off after 30 minutes for added safety.

Home Charger

The Heated Huggie Buddy uses a low voltage charger that you can easily plug into an outlet in your home. Delight in a wireless heated blanket during cold weather with the Heated Huggie Buddy.

Blanket Construction

Cozy Arm Holes The design of the Heated Huggie Buddy is ergonomically structured with arm holes that will allow you to perform your activities while enjoying the relaxing heat. You can easily flip the pages of your favorite magazine or operate your laptop without taking away the leverage of warmth. Stay functional and warm at the same time with the Heated Huggie Buddy and experience a new level of comfort.

Soft-to-the-touch Fabric The plush fabric used to construct the Heated Huggie Buddy is made to give you the softest, most relaxed experience when it comes to blankets. Its fleece fabric is available in three colors: dark brown, pink and ivory to suit your individual preferences.

Front Pockets Have a place for your hands while you walk around the house feeling warm and cozy and have a place for your valuables such as your cell phone, money, or controller.

Package Includes

  • 1 Heated Huggie Buddy heated blanket
  • 1 Plug w/ Temperature controller

Great Gift For:

  • Home buddies
  • Relatives
  • Home makers
  • College students
  • Stay-at home folks
  • House mates

Most Ideal for Home Use:

  • While lounging around
  • While watching television
  • While reading a book
  • While using your laptop
  • While resting
  • While enjoying coffee or tea
  • While relaxing around the house
  • And many more!

Product Specification Table

Heated Huggie Buddy Product Specification
Function Heated Huggie Buddy blanket
Heating System Xtreme Comfort Technology Heating System
Heating Location single zone: behind the front pocket
Heating Panels Hair thin, micro alloy heating elements, no coils
Heating Time as long as it is plugged and powered on
Power Source 110 / 220V AC/DC
Fabric Fleece
Color Brown, Ivory and Pink
Heating Temp 132 F (Max)
Temp Controller Low, Med, High, Max
Additional Features Built-in 30-minute timer
Certification CE, UL, RHOS
Warranty 1 Year Limited for Apparel

Temperature and Duration Settings

Heated Huggie Buddy Heat Settings Chart

Settings / LED Status Average Temp F°
Low/Green 100º
Medium/Yellow ** 110º
** Setting 2 is the most common setting.
Heated front pocket that can also secure your belongings
4-Setting Temperature Controller for convenience
Ergonomic design
Promotes relaxation and ease

12 Months Limited Product Warranty

Our commitment to you is to provide you with maximum customer satisfaction through a 12-month limited product warranty. This product is free from any fabric, workmanship, wiring and heating element manufacturer's defect under normal and customary use.

To know more about the limited product warranty details, click here..


1. Where does the heat come from?
The heat of the blanket comes from stealth heating elements placed on the pocket panel.

2. How long does the heating last?
The Heated Huggie Buddy has a built-in timer that automatically shuts off after 30 minutes. If you want to feel the relaxing heat after it turns off, all you have to do is click the green button of the temperature controller and choose your settings for another session of heated comfort.

3. Where does it draw power?
The Heated Huggie Buddy has a built-in plug that you can connect to your home outlets.

4. How hot can the Heated Huggie Buddy get?
On its high settings, the heat can go up to 132 degrees Fahrenheit (Max), perfect for relaxing for the cold weather season. You can choose to lower its temperature by clicking the power button once.

5. Does it have warranty?
Yes. The product is protected by a 12-month limited warranty.

6. How can I clean the Heated Huggie Buddy?
Although it is safe to machine wash the Heated Huggie Buddy, it is advisable to hand wash it for maximum performance.

7. When can I use the Heated Huggie Buddy?
You can use the Heated Huggie Buddy for a wide array of indoor activities! You can use it while watching TV, while working on your laptop, while reading a book, while enjoying coffee or tea. You can also enjoy it while you lounge around.